ModemSpy: enregistrez les conversations téléphoniques en MP3

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Jetez un coup d'oeil sur ce que nos clients heureux pensent de Modem Spy. Tous ne peuvent pas être erronés! Le texte original des messages suivants n'est pas modifié.

What a great product! I recently downloaded Modem Spy because i suspected my wife was up to no good. In just one day I recorded enough dirt to fill up a dump truck. Now my marriage is a wreck heading for divorce court. Ya know, the truth hurts sometimes but it was my decision to go looking for it. I would tell anyone out there that thinks their wife is loyal, that they arent, and Modem Spy will prove it. Thanks Modem Spy !!!

Glen Sawyer   

Congratulations on the production of a wonderful simple intuitive piece of software compared to the competition! I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer and I can endorse this software as having offered the user the clearest voice recording, other applications were hopeless with high levels of white noise. Look forward to receiving regular updates of your application in the future!

Aiden Madden   

Great software, now I can keep an eye on who the wife is phoning when I am at work.

Dave Kaye   

You folks have hit a gold mine as far as I am concerned. I just tried your ModemSpy and man it was great. Never have I downloaded something and put it to use so easily. Even with Win2K. The size of the files are so small it makes me think something is missing. Good point to bring it up in your description. I'm trying out your phone server program and I am sure I will be purchasing it or the Modem Spy for sure. Great program, rest assured I'll talk it up to folks at work and amoung friends.

Stewart Snider   

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