Phone bugs is no longer needed - you can use Modem Spy instead

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What are phone bugs?

Phone bugs are tiny devices installed inside your phone. You have seen this many times in spy and crime movies. Phone bugging helps some people to listen phone conversations. This is all phone bugging is - connecting a listening device to the circuit carrying information between phones.
You need special knowledge in order to install and use phone bugs for monitoring phone calls. Also, you should know phone bug is a first part of phone monitoring system. You would need special receiver in order to listen the sound phone bugs are sending.
But we have a good news for you. We developed a software called Modem Spy for you. It can record all phone calls using regular voice modem inside your computer.
Phone bugs are no longed needed! You can use Modem Spy software instead!
  Software answering machine screenshot
Phone bugs in action.
Order phone bugs replacement software now!

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