Computer phone recorder software

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Computer phone recorder

A small hardware device that records phone calls is called phone recorder. Computer phone recorder is a software solution. It has all functions of hardware recording device, plus it has a lot of advantages.
Please review a list of features of Modem Spy software we have developed for you. Simply download and try computer phone recorder for free. Use "download" link at the top of this page.
  • Powerful computer phone recorder.
  • Record from microphone connected to computer
  • Playback records via computer speakers or the phone.
  • Voice activated computer phone recorder will start and stop recording automatically.
  • Computer answering machine mode
  • The recorder will also log Caller ID information.
  • Make a short text notes about every record.
  • Store your voice records in any sound format on your computer!
  • You do not need any phone bugs. All you need is voice modem.
  Computer phone recorder screenshot

Caller ID
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