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Computer answering machine

Answering machine is a special device connected to phone line that records all incoming phone calls when you are not home.
Regular hardware answering machines are not convenient. They have lack of memory. Also, you can not easily send recorded call to your friend.
Computer answering machine does not have such disadvantages. It does not have any memory limitations, and your records could be emailed or burned on CD or DVD.
We have developed the best computer answering machine for you. Here is a list of just some of features:
  • Computer answering machine (obviously).
  • Record phone calls automatically.
  • Dictaphone mode (microphone needed).
  • Playback records via computer speakers or the phone.
  • The answering machine will also pick up and log Caller ID information.
  • Make a short text notes about every computer answering machine record.
  • Store your answering machine records in any sound format!
  Software answering machine screenshot

Caller ID
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