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Record phone calls to MP3 or WAV!

  • Record phone calls automatically.
  • Record audio from microphone like dictaphone.
  • Voice activated recording option available.
  • Playback recorded calls via telephone line or computer speakers.
  • Built-in automatic audio gain control.
  • One click email sending with WAV or MP3 file attached.
  • Detect and log caller ID information.
  • Friendly program interface allows to make quick note to remember phone call contents.
  • Access stored phone calls over local area network (LAN) from other computers.
  • Optional caller ID notifications on all computers connected to LAN.
  • Optional remote party warning before recording. It is required by law in some countries.
  • There is Super Spy option for stealth recording.
  • Optional answering machine mode. Record phone calls and answering machine messages simultaneously.
  • Recording from data modem is possible (you will need to physically connect your phone line and sound card).
  • Convert your records to any voice format! (MP3, WAV, etc)
  • Please note, cell phone calls could not be recorded by Modem Spy. But we are working on this feature currently.
  • Program size is only 380 KB. Compare that to the footprint of other multi-megabyte software!
  Modem Spy is powerful tool for recording phone calls
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Caller ID notification window
caller ID popup window
Perfect sound quality and volume available with Modem Spy only! Order your copy Now!

Do not give them even a chance!

  • Ordering something by phone?
  • Arranging insurance?

    You'll be able to prove what price you agreed and what other terms were discussed.
  • Getting too many unsolicited telesales calls?
  • Want to deter unwanted calls?

    A recording of any such call may help prove your case.

Remember the contents of a call

  • Record phone call to WAV file, and listen it later.

Share the contents of a call

Make a permanent record of a call

  • The telephone call recorder we developed for you created small WAV file in order to store more files on your disk.

A few words from our customers.

Congratulations on the production of a wonderful simple intuitive piece of software compared to the competition! I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer and I can endorse this software as having offered the user the clearest voice recording, other applications were hopeless with high levels of white noise. Look forward to receiving regular updates of your application in the future!

Aiden Madden   

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