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Frequently asked questions

Program does not work at all, please advise.

You should upgrade modem driver.

If you are running Windows 95, you will need to upgrade Unimodem/V driver. (setup instructions)

Modem Spy will not work on Windows NT (Q193138).

I know my modem is voice, but ModemSpy keeps saying it does not support voice features.

You still must upgrade modem driver. Contact modem manufacturer for assistance, if needed.

But other programs work just fine! I can send/receive faxes, connect to the Internet, but your program does not work.

Most problems with Modem Spy are because of driver. Program uses modem driver in order to access modem's voice features. Old drivers (or incorrectly installed new drivers) allow program to use data/fax features of modem, but not voice. So you should upgrade modem driver in order to get Modem Spy working.

Modem Spy records incoming calls automatically, but does not record outbound calls.

Modem Spy v2.4 and higher: Select File / Preferences menu item, select Hardware tab, press Setup button and disable dialtone waiting for your modem.

Modem Spy v2.3 and lower: Press Setup button at Modem Spy's main screen button and disable dialtone waiting for your modem.

I can record calls manually, but Modem Spy does not record incoming calls automatically.

There is a bug in Modem Spy versions 1.7 and earlier. Solution: Keep caller ID window for NN seconds setting must be greater than Answer a call in NN seconds.

Also, check out if another application do not use modem at the moment. Modem Spy verion 2.0 beta 3 and later will show Call was accepred by another application status message to notify you about this problem. Automatic recording is not possible when that application is running.

What modem would you recommend to buy in order to get the best results?

Program will work with any voice modem as well as with any TAPI compatible hardware.

We do not recommend the following modems:

There is a small click before recording. How to get rid of it?

Unfortunately, this is hardware problem. So, it can not be managed within software. You may try to replace your modem with another one.

The recording has a lot of static. How to fix it?

You will need to install special filter for your modem if you are using DSL. It should come with your DSL modem.

Do I need to keep computer on all the time?

Yes, because Modem Spy is software. It can not be run on computer that is turned off. It even can not be run without computer.

How to delete Modem Spy icon from system tray area (near system clock)?

Caller ID does not work. How to fix it?

Make sure you have subscribed to caller ID service from your telephone company AND your modem is caller ID compatible. Contact modem manufacturer if you need assistance.

I have ADSL, DSL, Cable modem. Can I use Modem Spy?

No. You must have regular voice modem connected to the phone line.

Modem speaker is always ON when recording. How to make it silent?

Possible solutions:

Line In Use indicator is always ON on my telephone. How to get rid of it?
Call waiting does not work when Modem Spy is recording. How to fix it?

Modem picks up the call before recording. That is why the Line In Use indicator will always allert that the line is in use. Also, call waiting will be disabled. IDC modem has advanced features that can be used for completely stealth recording. This modem is available in Eastern Europe only.

Will Modem Spy work with my <MODEM-NAME>?

The program works with voice modems only (with few exceptions). The author is not aware if your modem is voice. Please contact modem manufacturer for assistance if you have any doubts. Please refer to these questions, as well.

The other person does not hear me when I am recording phone conversation. How to fix it?

You will need to plug your telephone into wall jack (not into modem).

Modem Spy stops recording in the middle of conversation. How to fix it?

There can be several reasons for a such program behaviour. Try one of the following:

Registration key is not accepted by software.

Have you legally purchsed Modem Spy software using our online store? Please do not use any sort of cracks and keygens. We do not guarantee cracked version of Modem Spy will accept registration key. We can not guarantee cracked Modem Spy will work well, because some cracks do change executable code making software unstable.

Also, registration keys for Modem Spy 3.4 and above are not compatible to registration keys for Modem Spy 3.3.1 and below. You can still download Modem Spy 3.3.1 using this link.

Help file could not be opened under Vista.

You neet to download a patch from microsoft.

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